BARRY CUP: Worth Its Weight In Gold

The barry cup continues its strong run as the premier sporting event for amateurs in the region where it draws massive support from the growing golf fraternity. Apart from the finesse exhibited in the field by the select handicappers during the championship, it has also emerged as a gem of socialization and the festive camaderie that pervades the ocean facing club is usually the premium outing for the regional and upcountrytourists.
Plans are underway to include the scenic Mombasa Golf Club in the tourist itineraries of the high number of foreign tourists who flock the town due its prominent location on the Mama Ngina Drive promenade.
The Barry Cup is the oldest Golf trophy competed for in the Coast having first been donated to the Mombasa golf Club in 1913. The donor Mr. Percy Barry was not only a founder member of the Club but was the first Honorary Treasurer and Captain a whopping four times.
Captain a whopping four times. For this exemplary service he was elected an Honorary Life Member. Mr. Barry was a golfer of no mean repute and won the first Barry Cup competition when it was played during the Christmas season of the same year.
Originally it was intended that if any competitor won the trophy three times in a row then trophy would become that winner's property.
However, when Mr.A.J.Boland achieved the feat after swimming in 1932, 1933, and 1934, the Club Committee recommended thta the trophy be held in perpetulity as a Challenge Scratch Trophy to commemorate Mr. Barry soutstanding service to the club.
The Barry Cup has been played under the aegies of the Kenya Golf Union since 1782 but only two local coast based golfers have won in the past 40years.
In 1967 Dr.R.A Davidson(Dr.Bob) won and was not until 2004 that Mr.Musa Odada repeated the feat beating a strong slate of upcountry golfers from East Africa.
This year the Barry Cup is the trophy that is played for in the "Coast Open" for the best gross score over 36 holes. The winner collects nine points towards the KGU Golfer of the Year title and the field this year is expexted to include some of the previous winners.
This year the Mombasa Golf Club is sincerely grateful to Crown Berger Lrd and SHiva Carriers, for their sponsorship of this event and hope that they will continue to support the "Barry Cup" for many years to come.
Last years winners Sulliva Muthugia of Thika Sports Club is expected to defend his title against a strong slate of local, upcounry and regional players during the two day event at the Front Club.


Mombasa Golf Club will always strive to be one of the most desirable private members’ clubs in Kenya in terms of golf course, quality of service and friendly culture.


The Mission of the Mombasa Golf Club is to serve our members, families and guests in a professional and friendly manner with the highest quality of services and course conditions in a fiscally responsible manner.


(i) To be reflected at all times by members, board, and staff.
(ii) Absolute best service possible
(iii) Respect in the way we treat one another
(iv) Integrity at all times
(v) Accountable for our actions
(vi) Reputation upheld
(vii) Sound financials
(viii) Excellence through continuous improvement
(ix) Empowerment to our employees.

Memorable environment

Our members are drawn from Shipping, Tea, Legal and Banking import/export organizations and key government officers among others who enjoy both golfing and social interactions other stakeholders from each other. Mombasa Golf Club is a premier members’ club that provides exclusive golfing serenity and social amenities to its members and the only links course in this region, the only one south of the Sahara and North of the Limpopo. It will interest you to know that Mombasa Golf Club is a site listed number 100 that was gazetted as of historic value in 1997 by the National Museums of Kenya. Facilities: Scenic Golf Course, Clubhouse, Bar & Restaurant, Resident Golf Professional, Ample Parking Space, Scenic Pavilion,



The Barry Cup Past Winners

  • 1913 P. Barry
  • 1914 J.L. Allen
  • 1915 J.L. Allen
  • 1916 W.P. Willes
  • 1917 R.Cook
  • 1918 R.Jess
  • 1919 G.H. Pickering
  • 1920 W.Allan
  • 1921 G.H. Pickering
  • 1922 T.K. Allen
  • 1923 R.H.M. Oliphant
  • 1924 R.S. Campbell
  • 1925 R. Cruickshank
  • 1926 E.G.Bale
  • 1927 H.A. Markus
  • 1928 H.A. Markus
  • 1929 R.Forrest
  • 1930 A.Holden
  • 1931 H.A.Markus
  • 1932 A.J.Boland
  • 1933 A.J.Boland
  • 1934 A.J.Boland
  • 1935 H.V.Anderson
  • 1936 H.V.Anderson
  • 1937 S.Bloomberg
  • 1938 R.W.Burt
  • 1939 R.W.Burt
  • 1940-1945 not played
  • 1946 S.A.Galloway
  • 1947 J.Schlaphoff
  • 1948 A.Holden
  • 1949 T.W.Cadell
  • 1962 A.Martindale
  • 1963 J.Dunglinson
  • 1964 R.J.E.Mayers
  • 1965 R.A.Nicholas
  • 1966 M.J.Humphreys
  • 1967 R.A.Davidson
  • 1968 R.A.Bird
  • 1969 R.J.E.Mayers
  • 1970 R.J.E.Mayers
  • 1971 B.Marjan
  • 1972 S.Omar
  • 1973 R.J.E.Mayers
  • 1974 S.Omar
  • 1975 J.Mucheru
  • 1976 J.Mucheru
  • 1977 C.Nevill
  • 1978 J.Mucheru
  • 1979 J.Mucheru
  • 1980 C.Nevill
  • 1981 J.Mucheru
  • 1982 P.Chapman
  • 1983 G.Ndegwa
  • 1984 D.Raffar
  • 1985 J.Kingori
  • 1986 H.Rajab
  • 1987 P.Githua
  • 1988 J.Mucheru
  • 1989 J.Mucheru
  • 1990 D.Wandua
  • 1991 J.Mucheru
  • 1992 D.Wandua
  • 1993 M.Kiburu
  • 1994 R.Brown
  • 1995 H.Thety
  • 1996 H.Thety
  • 1997 C.Thety
  • 1998 N.Patel
  • 1999 R.Ainley
  • 2000 A.Shah

  • 2001 P.Gitwa
  • 2002 D.Othiambo
  • 2003 K.Timbe
  • 2004 M.Odada
  • 2005 N.Mudanyi
  • 2006 N.Rokoine
  • 2007 G.Snow
  • 2008 B.Nyenza
  • 2009 S.Muthugia

  • 2010 S. MUTHUGIA
  • 2011 D. OPATI
  • 2012 D. OPATI
  • 2013 D. NDUVA
  • 2016 F. KIMANI

  • 2017 M. KISIA